Jet motorcycle helmet Arai SZ-R VAS RSW

Jet motorcycle helmet Arai SZ-R VAS RSW
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Starting at: $917.43
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Jet motorcycle helmet Arai SZ-R VAS RSW

ATTENTION: Colorless screen supplied only, unless otherwise stated in the product description below.

The jet Arai SZ features the VAS system, which reduces the size of the side plates to provide a smoother surface in the event of a slip and fall. The most iconic of high-end urban helmets also adopts a number of internal modifications to maintain its status as king of the highways, especially at France, the helmet's preferred hunting ground. Arai SZ-R VAS

  • Rounder, smoother skullcap
  • Wider circumferential belt
  • VAS articulation system
  • FCS (Facial Contour System) interior
  • Waterproof cheek pads
  • Adjustable bonnet and foam thickness
  • Removable, washable interior
  • Adjustable foam for spectacle wearers
  • Easy screen changing with VAS system
  • Improves stability and reduces rider fatigue
  • Ventilation system identical to that of the RX-7V full-face helmet
Jet motorcycle helmet Arai SZ-R VAS RSW
Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Brand : Arai
  • Manufacturer SKU : 80004410
  • Color : black
  • Color : Black
  • Gender : Mixed
  • Age group : Adult
  • Team : No
  • Characteristic : No
  • Assortment : Jet
  • Matière principal : No
  • Shipped in 24h : Yes
  • Certification : No