Full face helmet Shark D-Skwal 3 Blank

Full face helmet Shark D-Skwal 3 Blank
Starting at: $181.24
Starting at: $181.24
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Full face helmet Shark D-Skwal 3 Blank

ATTENTION: Colorless screen supplied only, unless otherwise stated in the product description below.

An over-equipped helmet for pure, intense sensations!

Disruptive compact design:

The new D-SKWAL 3 reinforces the dynamics of its predecessor through the tension of the lines, all converging towards the aero spoilers. Your new sporty ally in the service of your pleasure!

State-of-the-art aerodynamics:

Our numerical CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations have enabled us to define an aerodynamic profile offering optimum stability and ventilation whatever your speed.

Reinvented seating comfort:

A 3D scan campaign carried out on a large panel of users has enabled us to define the shoe that's as close as possible to your morphology: the "BEST FIT" by SHARK. Its 5 high-tech textiles offer an exceptional second-skin effect.

Safety and outstanding equipment:

The D-SKWAL3 surpasses the very demanding UNECE 22-06 standard thanks to a high-performance architectural base and perfectly integrated standard equipment.

The third generation of the D-SKWAL makes its mark with an ever more aggressive look and exceptional new standard equipment.

Full face helmet Shark D-Skwal 3 Blank
Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Brand : Shark
  • Manufacturer SKU : HE0900EWHU
  • Color : white/azure
  • Color : White
  • Gender : Mixed
  • Age group : Adult
  • Team : No
  • Characteristic : No
  • Assortment : D-Skwal 3
  • Matière principal : No
  • Shipped in 24h : Yes
  • Certification : ECE 22-06